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zabezpečovací a kamerové systémy Brno, elektrosystémy, EZS, EPS, přístupové a docházkové systémy v Brně

Naše společnost je příjemcem finanční podpory v rámci projektu s názvem „Vzdělávání zaměstnanců ve společnosti ASEC - elektrosystémy s.r.o. reg. č. projektu CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0012880“, na základě kterého vzděláváme a rozšiřujeme profesní kvalifikaci našich zaměstnanců s cílem zvýšit jejich znalosti, dovednosti a klíčové kompetence.



We secure state administrative buildings, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, galleries, museums, church and historical monuments, sports stadiums and centres, photovoltaic power stations, industrial and telecommunications buildings, commercial and administrative centres, gaming houses and casinos, shops, warehouses, company premises, family and apartment houses, flats, and other buildings, all to suit the specific requirements of the customer.

Electric security signalling to guard your building against unauthorised entry can be installed in a number of ways, requiring the creation of a qualified draft design.

Our company offers a wide range of exchanges and detectors to suit the local conditions and the requirements of the customer and insurance companies.

Our security systems use the very latest technology as guaranteed by top-of-the-range products from renowned manufacturers (ADI – Honeywell, SIEMENS, Texecom, RISCO Group, DSC, Jablotron, Visonic, OPTEX, VISONIC, ARITECH, SENTROL, etc.), which our company is able to provide.

The terminal of the alarm signal depends on the technical options available in the area in question and the importance of the building being monitored, and can end in either a radio or line centralised protection console at the police or a private security service, or via GSM or a fixed telephone communication device, or the alarm may be raised locally in the building using either an indoor siren or an outdoor back-up siren with a flashing light.

All electric security signalling systems and their components supplied and installed by our company come with a declaration of compliance, are homologised for use in the Czech Republic, and have been certified by the electric security signalling system test centre TestAlarm Praha s.r.o. or the National Security Authority or the Army Institution for Technical Electronics and comply with the ČSN EN 50131 standard. Although this new standard has resulted in a change in the nomenclature from EZS to PZTS (security and emergency alarm systems), we continue to use the abbreviation EZS, as our customers have become accustomed to this over the years.

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 | ČSN EN ISO 14005:2001 | NBÚ | OHSAS 18001:1999