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Intelligent buildings


The definition of an “intelligent building” is a building which is of a higher standard than a building which is merely designed, built, and run in the correct manner. The term intelligent building is primarily understood to mean a building equipped with the latest technology and featuring a highly advanced system of management, regulation and monitoring, without the need for human intervention.

The principal basis of an intelligent building is system integration – merging the control and monitoring of disparate technologies into one homogeneous environment. This automates and speeds up processes, increases operator comfort and performance, allows effective maintenance and saves on running costs. Processes are easily visualised due to the clear way in which the system is arranged and the fact that there is easy access to all important information regardless of where in the system it originates. Using modern communication equipment it is possible to remotely monitor and control an unmanned workplace.

Our company can also design and implement a conceptual intelligent system integration solution, including the choice of suitable technologies.