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zabezpečovací a kamerové systémy Brno, elektrosystémy, EZS, EPS, přístupové a docházkové systémy v Brně

Naše společnost je příjemcem finanční podpory v rámci projektu s názvem „Vzdělávání zaměstnanců ve společnosti ASEC - elektrosystémy s.r.o. reg. č. projektu CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0012880“, na základě kterého vzděláváme a rozšiřujeme profesní kvalifikaci našich zaměstnanců s cílem zvýšit jejich znalosti, dovednosti a klíčové kompetence.



If you are interested in our services we can arrange a consultation session to give you advice and suggest suitable technical solutions which meet your needs and the legislative and technical requirements and which will also be as economically effective as possible both in terms of price and running costs – long lifetime and minimal operating and service costs. We will put together a quotation based on the design documentation or technical specifications you supply or can propose an alternative solution.


Design work

Our qualified team of authorised designers will compile the necessary studies, planning inquiry documentation, project documentation for the planning permit, implementation project documentation, tender project documentation to let you select a contractor, and documentation on the actual project implementation – all in accordance with the applicable standards, laws and regulations and also with all information kept confidential.


Supply and engineering work

Our firm’s installation department will ensure the smooth implementation of even the most demanding projects. We provide high-quality supply and installation services while keeping to the agreed deadline and price in the following fields:


  • Intruder - Electric security signalling (EZS)
  • Electric fire signalling (EPS)
  • Camera systems (CCTV, MKDS)
  • Access and attendance control systems (EKV)
  • Data networks and data centres (SK, AP, DC)
  • Telephone and communication systems (PBX, DT, DVT)
  • Television distribution systems (STA, SAT)
  • Evacuation and PA systems (ER, MR)
  • Heavy current, measurement and regulation (NN, MaR)
  • Intelligent buildings – System integration (BMS)


Service and overhaul work

One very important aspect of our work involves carrying out regular inspections and overhauls of installed facilities. This allows us to identify and eliminate any malfunctions in a timely manner and thus extend the lifetime and utility value of the equipment. Regular servicing also allows equipment to be gradually modernised and adapted to the needs of the customer.

An inseparable part of our service work is also a 24-hour emergency service.