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zabezpečovací a kamerové systémy Brno, elektrosystémy, EZS, EPS, přístupové a docházkové systémy v Brně
Telephone, communication systems


In the field of home telephones, video telephones and intercoms we offer systems from the simplest analogue systems for one subscriber to digital branched multi-user systems from various manufacturers in this country and around the world.

Together with our contractual partners we provide the comprehensive implementation of voice communication systems and telephone exchanges for small, medium, and large applications.

These are digital ISDN exchanges which are easily expandable, compatible and enable the easy back-up of systems and add-on applications, known as Call Centres, which work on the basis of a branch telephone exchange and are used to set up optimal requirements for routing calls to direct contact with the customer and for instant response to customers’ needs. These and other features mean these systems can satisfy our customers’ most demanding requirements.

The latest communication system is IP telephony, which requires IP protocol for voice transmission. This technology combines data and voice systems into one unit and opens up a range of other options